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Good Vitamin C serum

Pleasantly impressed with this serum. It definitely does brighten and smooths skin. I have only used this for 1 week now and can tell that with continued use that my skin will only get even better with results.

Soft Deep Cleansing Enzyme Powder Wash

This has been the one product I use every day and can go without. It locked in the ingredients and hydration for my skin from other products including Hyaluron Complex ampoule and keep my skin hydrated throughout the day.

Super hydrating for sensitive, dry and flaky skin

This mask made a huge difference on my dry skin. My skin gets very dry and flaky in the winter and just after one use I found my skin glowing, plump and hydrated! I recommend to use it before sleep, will definitely repurchase.

Histo K cream is amazing!!!

Highly recommend this product to anyone whose skin has treatments. I have recently started using vit C and BHA which made my skin drier than ever. Love this K cream product as It help with the dryness and redness. My skin is better after 1 week and I feel confident to use the treatments now

soft skin

I haven't seen a difference yet in terms of brightening but leaves my face so soft!

Vita C Complex Ampoule 47
Samantha Thatcher
Good Product

It works. Brighten the skin with use.

Love this product, have been using for many years!

I have used this product for years! The vitamin c makes my skin look smooth and healthy with a glow. I apply after washing my face and before lotion. This plus hyaluronic acid really helps to bid any pigmentation spots or acne scars by healing the skin. Every time I have run out it is noticeable.

Great product with reasonable price tag

It’s too soon for fine lines to have shown up on my face just yet, but I can definitely attest to the plump skin! I didn’t like the consistency at first because I don’t like snails and I kept thinking about mucus as I was applying the ampoule to my skin! I noticed right away that 1-2 drops and my skin was instantly hydrated. If you have oilier or combination skin, you might not even need to follow up with moisturizer. I used this solely at night and noticed a plumpness to my skin the next morning. It could potentially be a placebo effect, but I definitely liked what I saw!

For a product that is intended as a serum, I feel like 50mL this is a great price. I have paid $100 or more for 30mL of serum so this is incredibly reasonable to me for the results I have observed. If anti-aging is something you are thinking about, this is a gentle product that will not do something drastic to your skin like blasting it with so much moisture that you end up breaking out. You will(hopefully!) notice a better hydration level and “bounce” to your skin that you have not had before!

Best serum for anti-aging

This serum is amazing!!! I have been using this serum for approximately 5yrs and cannot live without it. I use in the evening and the next morning my skin feels so soft and hydrated.

Love it

I'm pretty lazy and busy , which I don't like put lost of stuff on my aa well. Before I put tonner , lotion and other stuff before sleep. Now I only use this product during winter as well. Improve my skin and save more for sleep..Love it

Great sun screen for sensitive and dry skin.

This sun screen is really great for my sensitive and semi-dry skin. It also helped with some scaring I had from a cosmetic procedure. It gets absorbed very well into the skin and it’s not oily like other similar products.
Highly recommended!


Good coverage . Wish it came in more colours. Tad drying