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The best one I have ever tried

Very comfortable feeling after mask!my favourite!

Perfect balanced Retinol products for daily use without worrying about reactions

Finally found the perfect balance with Histologica's retinol products! Not only do they deliver fantastic results, but they also don't cause any irritation. My skin has never looked better!

Premium Renewal Essence

Always feel like it is repairing my skin overnight

So convenient!

A nice cream which is very convenient during vacations or when I go to a sauna or a public pool. No need to bring several different creams with you, this one is enough. And I like its texture a lot - it is thick and dense but absorbs really well.

Great product

I like the product , it is perfect for my skin in winter in dry and cold air.

Thank you!

Love this cream!
Thank you!


Does exactly what it’s suppose to do. Happy with the results.


Jungkook BTS product

The service ( package ,delivery and the price are very fair ) I ordered on Monday by Tuesday my package was shipped from BC to Toronto. Monday I had my package . The product it’s self smells like sunscreen and has a teint . I bought it because Jungkook use it and I wanted to try . I do see a glow but it’s not my skin colour you can see a little colour difference in my neck and my face lol ! But the products does give you a glow and does feel different on your skin . It’s exactly like a sunscreen teint .


Keeps my face from being oily but also hydrated!

Premium Timeless Cream
Roksolana Tatusko

the texture of the cream is very gentle, the skin after it really shines and is moisturized

Bio Stem Cell Ampoule
Roksolana Tatusko

these ampoules are amazing, the skin became radiant, moisturized... I recommend!

My go to moisturiser, so hydrating and light for my skin

My first favorite moisturizer

I’ve never met anything like this!!!
Nothing works on my dry skin but this is SO good. This is my second one!

Water-Max Foam Cleanser
Olga Volkogonova
Nice foaming cleanser

It is easy to use and it cleans my skin really well - I have a pleasant feeling of younger and clean skin after that. The pores are smaller for sure.

Smoother skin

The skin feels immediately more fresh and looks brighter after putting this serum on. Overall my skin has become softer and more refreshed with using this serum.

Hydrogel/Centella Cream

I put this on before and after I wake up. Great under makeup. It does not leave a cake like finish on your face.

Fresh Look Hydration

I have been using Hyaluron Complex Ampoule 62 for a few years now. My esthetician introduced me to it after microneedling. I use daily after showering and can see the difference it makes in the level of hydration in my skin.

C complex

Purchased few weeks ago, I like it. Would recommend

It is just perfect

I bought this item like a couple of weeks ago and now it is my favorite ever! I should of bought 2 or 3 tho… next I’m sure I will!

I love it !

Wonderful cream . I like it very much !


It's very hydrating and easy to use.

I love it !

I really liked this cream - my skin became more soft and refresh

Moisturizing Cream mask
Roksolana Tatusko

the mask is great! the skin after it is maximally moisturized, shines. My friends ask what kind of cosmetics I use

Excellent skin regenerator

By far the best product for my combination skin. I felt it helps to soothe the acne scars. Also I love the scent and texture.