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About Histolab

HistoLab, a Korean cosmeceutical brand distributed to over 10,000 dermatologists and skin care clinics worldwide, has been devoting itself to accomplishing immediate skin improvement by taking advantage of its own development of Plant Stem Cell (Callus), as well as research and mentoring of a group of most renowned doctors and dermatologists, utilizing the pharmaceutical grade ingredients to achieve the most effective results.

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patented skincare ingredient


SRGF H1 Complex

The patented composition was registered after years of painstaking research for vital and healthy skin. SRGF H1 Complex is a new complex composition containing new peptide and every kinds of Growth Factor that are related to a rank of Amino acid. It helps soothe troubled skin rapidly protect from external irritations and restore skin elasticity.

Our Delivery System

Our products are developed by our innovative delivery method which encapsulate HISTO plant stem cell extracts in a supercritical liposome delivery system. When adsorbed through the skin, it provide adequate protection, as well as skin regeneration and soothing with the release of plant stem cell extracts and our patented Growth Factor Complex (SRFG H1 COMPLEX™)

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