HistoLab Blemish Balms cover blemishes and also protects sensitive skin from the harmful UV rays or external irritants. It keeps the skin radiant and moisturized at the same time.

Post Care Sun Blmish Balm - Natural Beige

Sun Shine Blemish Balm - Light Beige 

Sun Block SPF 50+/PA+++

SUN BLOCK FOREVER PLUS is chemical sunscreen; it is hypoallergenic essense type that protects skin from sun damaging rays withour irritation for all skin types.

SUN BLOCK 365 PLUS is physical sunscreen which provides translucent finish without feeling stickiness.

Aqua Science Hydration Collection

Offers intensive care to maintain well balanced skin by reducing dehydration and protecting against environmental hazards to enable moisture oriented celluar function.

Hyaluron Complex Ampoule 62%

Combined a variety of active hydrating ingredients and 62% of Hyaluronic Acid Complex which instantly replenishes moisture and keeps the skin supple.


Recommend Use Order  

Water-Max Foam Cleanser → Water-Max Infusion Mist (no sample) → Hyaluron Complex Ampoule 62% → Water-Max Hydrating Moisturizer → Water-Max Hydrating Cream

Age Science Anti-Aging Collection

A revolutionaly Anti-Aging formula that contains HISTO Plant Stem Cell. The properties promote but only skin reconstruction and cell life but also collagen synthesis that supports young and rejuvenated skin. The collection also protects skin against UV damages, free radicals, and pollution.

EGF Complex Ampoule 50%

Contains 50% EGF Complex for potent wrinkle care. Its highlighted ingredient, adenosine, works as an active anti-wrinkle agent, complementing with EGF performance to help improve skin's elasticity while soothing and moisturizing skin effectively.


Recommend Use Order  

Premium Energizing Solution (no sample) → EGF Complex Ampoule 50% → Premium Renewal Essence → Premium Eye Cream → Premium Timeless Cream

Acnex Science Acne Treatment Collection

Contains Plant Stem Cell Cultre Extracts that help maintaining healthy sebaceous glands for balanced sebum production.

Azulene Complex Ampoule 72%

Formulated with 72% Azulene Complex as well as a variety of intensive soothing and sebum control agents to improve trounled skin by regulating sebum secretion and calming skin irritations. Very effective in reducing skin redness and swelling.


Recommend Use Order  

Alpha Cleansing Foam → Beta Fresh Toner (no sample) → Azulene Complex Ampoule 72% → Gamma Crystal Serum → Delta Active Cream → Omega Spot Solution

White Science Lightening Collection

Contains new exclusive patented peptide and botanical growth factor to lighten skin. It maximizes skin tone brighteness and revitalization with Giga white complex and extracts from 7 kinds of plants in Alpine.

Vita C Complex Ampoule 47%

Combined 47% Vitamin C Complex, an excellent skin agent that helps inhibit melanin synthesis to brighten skin while soothing and moisturizing skin.


Recommend Use Order  

Whiteness Lightening Mist (no sample) → Vita C Ampoule 47% → Whiteness Lightening Serum → Whiteness Mela-X Cream → Whiteness Corrector

Azulene DNA Cream

A real calming post treatment cream for sensitive skin. Its DNA components such as EGF, peptide, and amino acids help to promoto skin cell regeneration and fast growth.



Azulene Tone Up Cream SPF 50+/PA+++

An all-in1 cream combining soothing, primer, and sun block with natural skin tone.


An ultra moisturizing cream that instantly hydrates the skin, strengthens the skin moisture barrier, soften the skin’s texture, and improve moisture retention in the skin.

Skin Type: sensitive and vey dry skin

Daily Adavanced Care Cream Pack

Anytime Cica Safe Cream is infused with Cetella Asiatica and other active ingredients to provide instant and long-lasting soothing, moisturizing, and protection for compromised, post-procedure skin.

Ceracles Water Cream achieve soft and moist skin with Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramide NP. This innovative product keep abundant moisture with the formation of moisture layer and silky oil layer on the skin.

HYDROGEL REGENERATING CENTELLA CREAM-With shape memory capacity, this hydrogel cream mask may help fill the dips and re-shape the skin surface contours. With Centella Asiatica and Sodium Hyaluronate, it also helps lock in abundant moisture to the skin. The result is a smooth, soft and glowing skin. TIP: Apply evenly on skin as sleep mask without removing it going to bed, you will feel the improvement next morning,

Post Care Histo Cell Cream

A post laser cream to heal scar tissues and damaged skin rapidly, promote cell regeneration, and provide the firm line of skin defence.