What is HistoLab?

HistoLab is #1 korean cosmeceutical brand with almost 8,500 dermatologist and aesthetics clinics in korea, over 10,000 skincare professionals worldwide. We carry products for Peeling, Acne Treatment, Post- Laser Treatment, Wrinkle Improvement, Freckles, Skin Rejuvenation and as well Whitening/ Brightening. Our Company has the 3 major components that other companies don’t have. We have our own Branding, Manufacturer and Research Lab. Meaning that we are independent and have full control of what goes in our product and able to provide full training in all of our products. HistoLab believes in Skin Management it means every step of a skincare routine can be changed to cater to your skin type and concerns. We carry a wide range of products and 6 different devices. HistoLab is hypoallergenic, and has a patent ingredient which is [SRGF H1 Complex] this ingredient is for skin regeneration. It also helps soothe a tired and weak skin rapidly from external irritation and improve the skin's elasticity and health.

How to open wholesale account?

1.There will be a tab “Wholesale Account Application” on our booth where you can click to go straight to wholesale signup.
2. Once we have received and verified your business information, we will then accept the account as a wholesale account.

How to place order and make a payment?

Once you have opened your wholesale account, You can purchase products on our website as well you are able to purchase through us. 

  • 1. If you decide to purchase through a sales specialist we send you a Clinic order form then you fill out all the products you would like to order. Then we are able to process the order for you. We offer 2 types of payment options: Credit/Debit/Amex or through E-Transfer. 
  • 2. You can also purchase on our website as a wholesale customer by entering our wholesale discount code at checkout. You will receive the wholesale discount code after opening the account.

What is your minimum for free shipping?

We have a minimum $100 purchase order for free shipping for ESI.

Are there any special offers during ESI virtual show?

1. There is no minimum order requirement ONLY during the spa show. 

2. Free shipping will be provided for orders over $100 only during ESI.

3. 10% discount will be provided for orders over $500 only during ESI.

4. ESI only discounted products, please visit https://histolab.ca/collections/sale for the list of products on sale.

What type of products do you offer?

We offer a wide range of products for every skin concern and type. We have products for post laser treatments and homecare. We carry 7 different lines for all skin types to help reach your skin goal. 
 The Basic Science Line is for professional use . It is designed to offer intensive care solutions for all skin types based on the Growth Factor Complex, Placenta Phytosterol, Argireline as well as plant callus stem cells. 
Derma Science Line is designed for post laser treatment. Restoring the damaged skin cells and providing the defense with HistoLab’s Patent Complex SRGF H1 Complex. It is used for skin renewal and encourages  new skin cells to be produced and helps protect the skin from stress, UVA & UVB rays, and free radicals. 
Moist Science Line is a hyper-moisturizing skin care formulation. It is designed to help reduce Inflammation and Irritation, It also helps with healing and hydrating the skin as well. It also contains botanical therapeutic ingredients that have antiseptic and hydrating properties to help build a moisturizing membrane of the skin gradually. 
Aqua Science Line is Bio-Cosmetics with Histo Plant Stem Cell which helps provide the first line of defense of the skin. It reduces evaporation and restores the cellular function of the skin. Offers intensive care by reinforcing the immune system against environmental hazards and increasing skin hydration. 
Acnex Science Line protects the skin from external contamination and stress. It is designed for oily skin and acne prone skin, it helps maintain the health of the sebaceous glands for balanced sebum productions.
Age Science Line is a revolutionary anti-aging formula that contains HISTO plant stem cells. It has properties that stimulate cell reconstruction and prolongs the life cycles of the skin cells, also promotes synthesis of Collagen which leads to young and rejuvenated looking skin. While helping to protect against skin damages caused by: UVA and UVB Rays, free radicals, wind, and pollution 
White Science Line contains new patented peptide and botanical growth factor complex. It helps to brighten the skin tone and revitalizes the skin.